Why Our Prices Are Much Lower Than In Other Shopes?

Why Our Prices Are Much Lower Than In Other Shopes?

In most cases, when a well-established jewelry store has a customer inquiring about a natural alexandrite piece, they call us, buy it, and then sell it to this customer for a four times higher price. This is because we are the only company in the world called The Alexandrite LLC, meaning that we are exclusively specializing in this rare gemstone for the last 17 years.

They also know our prices are the lowest in the market since we cut out all the intermediaries. Usually, the gem cutters buy the rough stones from the mines, cut and polish them and sell the faceted stones to the gem dealers. Gem dealers sell these stones to jewelry manufacturers who make the jewelry with these stones and sell them to jewelry stores.

Each of these middlemen adds their profit margin to the final price. In the end, jewelry stores add the most significant profit margin since they have the most considerable overhead: expensive rent, salaries to salespeople, high insurance costs against theft, taxes, etc. As a result, in the end, their price is four times higher than when someone buys directly from us because we do everything in-house.

We buy stones from the mines and cut and polish them. Our talented designers and goldsmiths make magnificent unique designs that were recognized as such by VOGUE, HARPER'S BAZAAR, GQ, ELLE, AND COSMOPOLITAN Magazines and featured in their printed and online issues. They selected us out of thousands of jewelers and designers. It was not our initiative. VOGUE's exact phrase featuring us was " superb craftsmanship" and " masterpieces of jewelry poetry."

Also, we sell online and pass the savings to our clients by keeping overhead low. We will not even charge you any sales tax, and you will receive a complimentary GIA certificate ($120).

Therefore if you calculate the cost of high-end large 1.23-carat natural Alexandrite with 100% color change, 74 high-quality diamonds, gold, and labor charges of designers and goldsmiths, etc., you will see that the price for this ring is very low due to the reasons mentioned above and also because we keep our profit margin very low for now to build a brand and extensive client base.

Since the depletion of the last remaining known mine, there have been much fewer rough pieces in the market, and prices are skyrocketing. ICA declared natural alexandrites above one-carat are 10000 times rarer than a flawless one-carat diamond.

We managed to keep our prices so low because we had plenty of the old stock when we purchased many rough pieces at the wholesale price. Of course, this stock is almost depleted For the next Alexandrites rough we acquire, we will have no choice but to pay for it a much higher price, especially in light of very high inflation and the rapid devaluation of paper currency.

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