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Since 2006, we have established ourselves as one of the leading authority in natural alexandrite jewelry. Our team of skilled designers and goldsmiths creates exquisite and unique designs featured in renowned publications such as Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, GQ, Elle, and Cosmopolitan. 

The editors of these magazines selected us out of thousands of jewelry designers for our dedication to exceptional craftsmanship. Each piece we create is made with love and meticulous attention to detail.

We use only natural gemstones that are certified by the GIA, the world's top authority on gemstone certification. Every piece of jewelry comes with a complimentary GIA certificate, and we are proud to maintain the highest standards of authenticity and quality.

Our commitment to customer satisfaction has earned us hundreds of positive reviews across various platforms and a loyal following of 2500 subscribers to our weekly newsletter and tens of thousands of followers on social media. We are proud to have maintained a high level of customer satisfaction in our 17 years of business, which is reflected in our top ranking on Google for Certified Alexandrite Jewelry.

If you search for Certified Alexandrite Jewelry on Google, you will find us at the top of organic results, not paid advertising. We are in the top 8% of e-commerce traffic, and our success is a testament to our integrity, quality, and excellent customer service.

Below are just a few recent reviews we received from Trustpilot and Google Verified Reviews https://bit.ly/3G6q2w9

Barry Plante

My wife cried when I gave her this exquisite Alexandrite ring. The craftsmanship and natural beauty converge in this captivating 1.93-carat cushion cut natural Alexandrite ring nestled with four marquise cut diamonds all set in platinum. The star of the show, the natural Alexandrite, is mesmerizing with its enchanting color-changing properties, displaying a spectacular array of hues from bluish-green to vibrant violet under varying lighting conditions.

As for me, the process working with you from beginning to delivery was perfect. I felt comfortable with securing the stone and final payment. Masterfully accomplished.

Meredith Cimmino

I have been buying Alexandrites for almost 20 years as they are my favorite stone. However, it is so hard to find natural alexandrites of good quality. Not anymore now that I found The Alexandrite and Leon. I originally bought a small stone as buying on the internet makes me nervous, but the stone and ring were beautiful. So then I decided to get earrings as well. I then asked if I could have a custom ring made.

As I recently became a widow, I wanted my "widow ring" to be my favorite stone, Alexandrite. Leon found me the most breathtaking Alexandrite I have ever seen!! It was made exactly as I wanted it. As Leon knew it was my wedding anniversary, he made sure I received the ring on time. He went above and beyond, and I cannot thank him enough. The customer service is unmatched. I cannot wait to buy more Alexandrite in the future.

Jason Michaels

I am supremely impressed and satisfied with the work these guys put into this one of a kind piece. My wife was literally speechless when she saw it. Leon Boucheron was amazing. He was extremely patient with me, and fully understood my nervous in spending the money I spent. I will absolutely do business with them again. I WILL NOT go anywhere else for my alexandrite needs. Thank you all so much for your patience with me and the exquisite customer service, work, skill, and communication you all exhibited. Thank you again.

Matthew B. 

I wish I could share ten more photos! One photo does NOT do this ring justice. I've been shopping for a pure, authentically mined alexandrite for 5+ years. However, I was never convinced I was dealing with a reputable jeweler/could justify the spend vs. risk of authenticity & quality. I shared with my husband my desire to find a pure Alexandrite (my birthstone) to replace my engagement ring that was stolen 9 years ago. I no longer had the desire to invest in a big diamond, knowing what I know today. This ring is gorgeous beyond words. More beautiful than anything I ever thought I would own.. I am beyond ecstatic to show this peice off and to wear as my wedding ring. My husband did a ton of research and worked directly with the designer to make the perfect ring just for me. (A month of pics of settings, patience, and perfection) I've never been more thrilled to receive a piece of jewelry (my husband is very good at gifting) as I was with this masterpiece. Thank you, Thank you, THANK YOU! I highly recommend it and will be a return customer!


Chris Pfeiffer 


Where do I begin? Immediately upon opening the FedEx package and removing the ring from its case, I felt a joy unlike I'd felt in quite some time. It is perfect. Everything I've been imagining over the past 8+ years has been brought to fruition. I couldn't contain myself and promptly presented the ring to my wife. I had several tentative plans of presenting it to her in some grand romantic fashion; a restaurant, a packed stadium, a botanical garden, just to name a few. But I practically rushed to put it on her finger.

 When I first put the ring on her finger.... She.... Cried. I nearly cried. The ring is not only perfect in how I dreamt it, but it absolutely fits her entire being. The words she has used today to describe her emotions are too many to list. The words she has used to describe the ring are too many to list. She took to social media and texting to share the event with those closest to her and the responses have been quite dramatic. She is glowing!

 I truly cannot overstate how incredibly beautiful this ring is and what it means to our marriage. It's the missing piece we never knew was missing. It's the statement I didn't know needed to be stated. It's so much more than a simple gift... This ring is the most profound purchase I've ever made. I have bought cars, houses, expensive toys, vacations... They all pale in comparison to the symbolism and meaning of this ring.

 I finally gave my wife something which she can keep on her to remind her of just how amazing she is. She deserves all the sparkly things, and this one is perfect!

 I cannot begin to thank you enough for all of the work that went into making this happen! I hope I can become another beaming review for you out on the internet soon. You have been a delight to work with from the very beginning, and I consider myself lucky to have been accepted as a customer.

 In attempt to prevent a ramble, I'll end this thank you here: you have my sincerest immense gratitude, Mr Boucheron.


Warmest Regards,

Chris Pfeiffer 

From the Vogue:

Known for exceptional design and

superb craftsmanship, this New York-based brand was started by a talented jewelry designer fascinated with

Natural Alexandrite. Each piece is one of a

kind, elegant, and exquisite, made

with painstaking attention to detail. It will last a lifetime and can be passed through generations as a family heirloom.

Alexandrite is a magnificent and unique gem. It is the only gem known as a gemstone of Royalty. Named after the Tzar Alexander, it became the most prized gem amongst the Aristocracy in Europe. 

The brand is inspired by this legendary gem , creates masterpieces of the jewelry art poetry that makes the wearer feel like Royalty.  


 Mysteriously changing color from green to purple, it is the birthstone for June, Anniversary Stone for the 55th year of marriage known to bring luck, happiness and love. 


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