I appreciate your kind words and also all the hard work and high standards you have consistently shown me.  I adore my ring, it makes me smile every time I look at it, and I never fail to be amazed at the different permutations of color depending upon the light source - it never seems to be the same ring twice!

I love that!

 Thanks again, Luis, for your continued kindness and exemplary customer service.

 Leslie Frats aka Queen Of  "Jeopardy"

five-time "Jeopardy" Champion


Just wanted to let you know your awesome and amazing work of art, your custom designed ring arrived today. I must first  thank you for making extraordinary special payment arrangements with us and for your trustworthiness in allowing us longer than normal to pay for this great piece of rare unique jewelry. You have made my wife very happy with this ring and I have to say your fantastic work looks 110% better in person than in pictures.

The beautiful custom made box it arrived in was very nicely made as well! l want to thank you also for thanking me for serving our country and it was my pleasure serving our country to allow people like you to be able to run such a great business and make such wonderful rare and unique items!

I have already spoken with my wife about a possible future second special custom made pendant to complement the ring we have now and would like for you to get in touch with us about making us pendant in the near future. We will be a repeat buyer for sure. You are definitely one of the top sellers and most likely in the entire United States, please keep up the great 5 star service and quality you are achieving now!

Thanks a lot for everything!

Yours Truly,

Jonathan and Debra Willard



Just a quick note to say thank you for the beautiful ring! It is beyond my wildest expectations. And you are unbelievable, the ring is the original size I first talked about and has the gold beads!!! It fits like a glove! Even the little box you sent it in was beautiful!

You are such a sweetheart! Please feel free to use us as reference for any buyers that need it, have them email us.  Thank you again!!!!  God Bless!




Please accept my sincerest appreciation for the honesty and integrity that you demonstrated in working with my wife on this sale. In today's world it is is truly a rare and unique experience to find an individual, much less a company, that goes out of their way to make a product as excellent as yours, gives their word on the work & quality and keeps it! 

I have never owned a quality piece of jewelry such as this - fit and finish are amazing. To us, this ring will always be far more than just a piece of jewelry. I would also like to thank you for your prayers and concern over my health issues.  I am doing much better.(praise God) I have faith that everything will work out. Please use us as a reference for any potential buyers, you may also post up any comments that we have made on your website.

Thank you again!

Kelly Buck




There are no words for how absolutely stunningly gorgeous this ring is. The earrings are beautiful as well. But this ring. I am blown away!!!! Thank you so very very much!!

Christina Nixon




Wanted to let you know that I got all three today so thank you!  Also, I am absolutely floored at the amazing color change of all of the pieces.  My husband is not a big ring or gemstone guy and was extremely hesitant and reluctant for me to buy that ring for him but he is shocked at how much he loves the ring!

I am highly pleased on the deal transaction you did and all of the pieces.

I am very interested in getting 18K yellow gold decent stone size earrings as well, a bracelet, another ring and another pendant in that order of priority if we can work out prices.  

Keep me posted when you get more 18K yellow gold pieces to review.

Also, please thank your owner for working on the price with me as well, your designer on creating such stunning pieces!  You have converted us to being lifetime buyers of Alexandrite for our family.  

Also, If you get large size stones or products on sale, please keep me posted me as well.


Purvee Kondal



 Hi Luis,

 Just wanted to drop you a quick note that we got them today.  Both pairs are absolutely gorgeous and you are right as they turned out even better than I thought they would!

 My daughter loves her pair as do I mine!

 Thank you so much for getting these made for us as they truly will be heirloom pieces for generations on our family to enjoy.

 Please thank your design team on our behalf as well!

 Thank you!

Purvee Kondal