Best Price Guarantee

Our price is lowest in the world because we specialize exclusively on natural alexandrites for many years. Our extensive contacts allow us to buy rough alexandrites in bulk directly from mines.

We then cut and polish them and make our own jewelry. In this way, we cut out many middlemen.

Normally rough dealer buys from mines and sells to the cutter who then sells faceted stones to the gem dealer. He, in turn, sells to jewelry manufacturer. A manufacturer sells to the wholesaler. The wholesaler sells to retail jewelry stores.

In this way, each one of them adds his/her own markup for profit. However, when you buy from us you avoid all these middlemen, each one of whom inflates the price exponentially.

Also, our business is online and we don't have to pay expensive rent, staff salaries, insurance etc. All these savings we pass to our clients.

That's why when any well-established jewelry store needs real gem quality natural alexandrite, they always call us. We supply alexandrite jewelry to well-established jewelry stores in US and EU.

Needless to say, they sell it for a much higher price to their clients. I recently saw our ring offered in Florida store for the price 3 times higher than in our website.

However, if you find an alexandrite jewelry of same quality that is lower in price than the one on our site, let us know and we will match the price.