Why Should You Trust Us?

We understand that buying expensive jewelry online without seeing is scary.

That is why we invest a lot of time and money to produce high resolution magnified pictures and videos of each item from many angles.

While other jewelers might camouflage quality with blurred images, we flaunt our rings with magnified, HD pictures and videos. We showcase our rings from all different angles, so you can see the finest details and have faith in our craftsmanship. We want you to experience the value of excellence.

We also offer iron clad money back guarantee.

Of course, your purchase will be protected by your credit card issuer and/or PayPal. They give you absolute guarantee that you get your money back if the item is not as described or you do not receive it.

Our guarantee goes even further:

Hassle-Free Returns

100% Satisfaction Guarantee Or Your Full Payment Back

Your satisfaction is our absolute priority. What is the use of making refund difficult if the client is unhappy and will share his unhappiness with other potential clients. Nowadays information is spread instantly. 

 That is why in 15 years selling high end Alexandrite jewelry we have 100% positive feedbacks.

 We promise that we will work with you until you are genuinely happy with your piece!

 However, it still might not be enough and you might be interested in the experiences of other buyers.

That is why we have compiled the following article.
Below is the compilation of the reviews from our buyers and some facts you might find interesting.

Please, kindly note that we have 100% positive feedbacks in this business. It is simply not possible to consistently provide a high level of customer satisfaction for many years without the genuine high quality of items.
 It requires strong quality control at each stage of the manufacturing process.

Below is simple statistics proving that fact:

We have thousands active daily visitors to our website: www.thealexandrite.com

We have thousands of fans and almost a million monthly viewers in our Pinterest account

We have 895 positive feedbacks with rarely achieved 100% buyers satisfaction in our eBay store

Click here to open our eBay feedbacks and you will see that since 2006 we sold hundreds of pieces of Natural Alexandrite jewelry and all our clients are very happy with their items.
895 feedbacks, 100% positive.

To maintain 100% positive feedbacks in 15 years selling high end Alexandrite jewelry is quite an achievement. It speaks about our integrity, customer service and quality of our pieces. 

You can also read testimonials on our website  

If any of our stones were synthetic or low quality, it would certainly be mentioned in the feedbacks. There are no such feedbacks. As a matter of fact, the opposite is true, - we are regularly receiving glowing feedbacks from buyers who received confirmation from their local jewelers.

What Our Clients Are Saying:

I was able to bring it to a jeweler and confirm it to be natural Alexandrite 
Buyer: us.magbi   

0.96ctw! Large Strong Color Change Natural Alexandrite Diamond 18k Gold Ring (#311550169466) 
US $1,700.00


Confirmed real by jeweler. Prettiest stone I have ever seen. Fast shipping! 
Buyer: lissamary 
Brilliant Strong Color Change Natural Alexandrite 18k Gold Ring, June Birthstone (#311433359889)

US $1,097.00


Will buy again! Second appraisal shows genuine alexandrite. Great communication!
 Buyer: tedmehl 

GIA CERTIFIED Brilliant Strong Color Change Natural Alexandrite 18k Gold Ring (#252482068470)

US $4,900.00


I am amazingly floored by all 3 pieces A+++ Seller! Stunning and mind blowing!

  3.74ctw! Antique Designer Natural Alexandrite Diamond 18k Gold Pendant (#312388821406) 

US $2,100.00


Beautiful pendant! Even more gorgeous in person! Thanks!

Buyer: msazraelle

Strong Color Change Natural Alexandrite 18k Gold Vintage Pendant June Birthstone (#252025617872)

US $697.00


The ring is much better in person. The color change is fantastic.

Buyer: kkre6635
  Large Natural Alexandrite Diamond 18k Gold Ring, Birthstone for June (#251962178116)

US $899.00


Excellent color change as was described. Seller was professional and prompt.

Buyer: ni_adaad_wcq9jzql
  Clean Brilliant Strong Color Change Natural Alexandrite Diamond 18k Gold Pendant (#251936862417)

US $887.50


Exquisite! High praises from a repeat customer. I will be back for more!

Buyer: yalubliuhermes 
  3.65ctw GIA Certified Strong Color Change Natural Alexandrite Dia 18k Gold Ring (#253266950916) 

US $11,200.00


Ring is exquisite. Even prettier in person! Great communication.

Buyer: mowenhm8tdp
  1.30ctw! Very Clean and Brilliant Natural Alexandrite Diamond 18k Gold Ring (#311955186676)
US $2,970.00


I LOVE IT!! Absolutely everything you said it would be + then some! Thanks! A++++

Buyer: jeopardylady   

US $3,675.00


You can also read the testimonials on our website. They are left by real people. If anyone doubts we can provide their contacts with their permission.