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The Alexandrite Is Featured in British VOGUE!

The Alexandrite is honoured to be featured in the May 2021 issue of British VOGUE. British VOGUE is one of the world's most coveted fashion magazines and one of the most influential of all Vogue publications. British VOGUE is called a Fashion Bible since it is known as a top-tier magazine and leading source for high society, high fashion, and iconic brands.

In VOGUE May Issue The Alexandrite is featured alongside globally recognized celebrities, including The Duchess of Cambridge and her jewelry collection, in addition to other couture, well-known brands.

The Alexandrite is proud to have been approached by British VOGUE and to be recognized for one-of-a-kind, artistic jewelry creations. This is what VOGUE had to say about us:

“Known for exceptional design and

superb craftsmanship, this New York-based brand was started by a talented jewelry designer fascinated with Natural Alexandrite. Each piece is one of a kind, elegant and exquisite, made

with painstaking attention to detail.

It will last a lifetime and can be passed through generations as a family heirloom. Alexandrite is a magnificent and unique gem: named after Czar Alexander II, the only stone associated with Royalty was the most prized gem amongst Aristocracy in Russia and Europe.

The brand inspired by this legendary gem creates masterpieces of the jewelry art poetry worthy of a Queen. Wearing it makes you feel like Royalty. Mysteriously changing color from green to purple, it is the birthstone for June, Anniversary Stone for the 55th year of marriage known to bring luck, happiness, and love.

Explore stunning designs at“

We strive to make each piece showcase the natural beauty of high-end gemstones in imaginative jewelry creations of superb quality.

The Alexandrite can be found in the British Vogue's May 2021 issue under the spotlighted Jewellery Designer Profile. Known to the world for their impeccable taste and discerning eye for what their customer is looking for, British Vogue chose to include two of our signature ring designs in a section highlighting The Best Gifts For Your Loved Ones.

The Alexandrite thanks every one of its supporters.

Thank you, British Vogue, for allowing us to present our unique brand to your readers.

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