Alexandrite engagement rings present an engagement ring shopping experience, unlike any other engagement ring style available on the market. Alexandrite is a precious colored gemstone that exhibits a phenomenon called color change and is one of the rare stones from the chrysoberyl family. The color of the alexandrite changes depending on the light source it is exposed to, making it a remarkable stone for your engagement ring. Alexandrite always has an exciting color to showcase when it absorbs the light, from soft plum violets to grays, purples to luscious emerald green shades. GIA describes Alexandrite as "emerald by day, ruby by night."

Experience Ultimate Luxury: Shopping for Exclusive Alexandrite Engagement Rings

An Alexandrite engagement ring is a perfect choice for ladies with discerning taste. It makes an impression of elegance and refined style. Alexandrite is a stand-out stone amongst all other precious and semi-precious stones because it is unique. This mysterious, naturally beautiful gemstone is the perfect selection for those who love incredible decadence coupled with stunning vibrancy.

This article will serve as an easy-to-read guide for selecting a one-of-a-kind alexandrite engagement ring that reflects your personality.

History: Alexandrite Vintage Styles

Alexandrite was an important stone throughout the world prized by the Aristocracy and the Royals. According to GIA, Alexandrite was named after Tsar Alexandrite II, a future heir to the throne in Russia. Alexandrite was discovered in 1830 in the rural mountains of Russia near emerald deposits. 

These alexandrite specimens exhibited striking, sharp color changes ranging from green to red, reminiscent of imperial Russia's military colors. Alexandrite was set into royal crowns, becoming a prized gemstone and popular in elite society in Europe during the 19th and 20th centuries. 

The supply of Alexandrite is limited, making even the lower quality Alexandrites expensive. Choosing an alexandrite engagement ring is a gratifying experience. 

Alexandrite: A Practical Engagement Ring Selection

Alexandrite rates 8.50 on the Mohs scale of hardness, making it a suitable gemstone to wear frequently. This means that Alexandrite is durable enough to be enjoyed daily, perfect for an engagement ring stone. 

Alexandrite is harder than emerald, which rates a 7.5-8, making it the perfect alternative for those who love the delicious green color of emerald. If you are seeking an emerald as an engagement ring, consider an alexandrite instead. It is a much harder stone that displays a luscious green shade and is many times rarer than an emerald. 

A Guide for Choosing the One Special Engagement Ring

The Alexandrite only carries high-quality natural Alexandrite. Each stone is hand-selected, checked for quality, and placed in the best design possible to amplify the Alexandrite's natural beauty. Each Alexandrite is rare and unusual. 

Finding Your Ring Size

Finding your ring finger size is one of the first things to do. Many stores have ring sizers/finger gauges. These consist of metal rings on a round metal part in different ring sizes. Each ring sizer will look like a metal band with a number stamped on it. 

The most comfortable band will be your ring size. Leave enough room for movement of your finger, weight fluctuations, and comfort for the ring to be worn at all times. A wider band may need to be sized up. There should be enough room so the ring can be worn comfortably all day long. 

What if you are not able to get to the store and use a finger gauge? You can figure out your ring size at home using these simple steps.

1.Select either a piece of paper or a string  

2.Cutting a piece of paper that should be around a half-inch or a little less. It needs to be an accurate depiction of what your desired ring mm width size would be.

3.Wrap either the string or the paper around the base of your finger

4. Make a mark where the ends meet with a marker

5. Measure it in mm. Millimeter converts into the ring finger size.

Please note: Remember to leave enough room for your finger to move. 


Our engagement rings are accompanied by a GIA certification upon purchase. This ensures the authenticity of our stones and guarantees that they are natural Alexandrite. 

What Metal is Best for My Alexandrite Engagement Ring?

The metal color choice depends on how the Alexandrite appears when it has its color change effect. Consider how the Alexandrite will look once it is placed in white or yellow metals. 

YELLOW GOLD: The Alexandrite features many vintage designs in yellow gold. Yellow gold amplifies the color change when the stone turns plum to violet shades, giving off a warm, inviting hue. 

Yellow gold is available in 10k, 14k, and 18k. These karats of gold determine the amount of gold mixed with alloy. All three are used for engagement rings. The higher the karat, such as 18k, the more expensive it is. Although gold is a soft metal, all three types are durable enough for frequent wear. Sometimes, although infrequently, higher than 18k is also available for some designs.

WHITE GOLD OR PLATINUM: This selection of metal is perfect for those who prefer cooler hues. 

Like yellow gold, white gold is available in 10k, 14k, and 18k. These different types of gold are determined by the alloy combination with the gold. 

Two-tone settings allow both colors to be offset by the white or yellow metal. Platinum and yellow pair well together, amplifying the color change of the stone.

Are alexandrite engagement rings more expensive?

Alexandrite comes in a range of prices depending on the quality of the Alexandrite. The sharper the color change, the more expensive the Alexandrite. Alexandrites that have a distinctive color change with fewer inclusions will be pricier than smaller stones. 

Lab-created Alexandrite vs. natural Alexandrite: what is the difference?

Lab-created Alexandrite is engineered in a controlled environment and is the synthetic version of natural Alexandrite. The Alexandrite only carries natural stones, specializing in fine quality Alexandrites. 

What settings look best with Alexandrite?

Alexandrite is a versatile stone and can be placed in a variety of different settings. Prong settings are the most common, amplifying the stone's color change and beauty. Alexandrite engagement rings will have alexandrite side stones and diamonds as well. Alexandrite complements other gemstones because of its color change. 

The One

Vintage Alexandrite Engagement Rings

Vintage-style engagement rings with ornate settings give the Alexandrite an Old World elegance. Milgrain beaded edges, filigree patterns, and diamond-cut designs in the gold are perfect for those who love antique and Renaissance settings.

Vintage engagement rings are perfect for those who love ornate, highly detailed styles with dimension and keen attention to detail. 

Cathedral Alexandrite Engagement Rings

Cathedral is another classic style for an engagement ring and comes in endless variations. Cathedral settings feature a center stone or a halo, or a cluster of gems. Each side of the band is fashioned into a raised sweeping shape that resembles a Cathedral church with the peak at the top. 

Sometimes there may be detailing underneath the bridge/gallery work, hidden stones underneath the setting, or stones encrusted on the primary setting on the sides. 

Cathedral engagement rings are set high above the finger and are made to get noticed.

Alexandrite Three Stone Styles: Celebrating Your Time Spent Together

The past, present, and future style engagement ring features a classic three-stone style. One main center stone is complemented by two smaller side stones, often prong-set in a tired setting. These rings are also perfect for anniversary rings. Three-stone rings provide the ideal selection for those who want a classic yet multi-stone look. 

Alexandrite Cluster Engagement Rings

Sparkling clusters of stones around the center Alexandrite amplify its color change effect, adding fire and sparkle to the design. Diamond and Alexandrite engagement rings produce the perfect pairing for those who love a multi-stone engagement ring. 

Cluster settings are similar to halo settings, but the placement of the stones is different. Halo settings can also be shaped into flowers or snowflakes, for example, amplifying the center stone with incredible fire and color. 

Channel Set Alexandrite Engagement Rings

These alexandrite rings feature channel set stones on the band. Channel settings refer to multiple stones, artfully placed in a row or rows. Channel set diamonds or side Alexandrites create added fire and luxury to the engagement ring. They are the perfect selection for those who love multi-stone styles. These rings provide the ideal coupling of everyday wearability and luxury for those who want a bold yet classic statement.

Platinum Alexandrite Engagement Rings

Nothing says luxury like the incredible shine and color of platinum. Indulge in luxury with a platinum Alexandrite and diamond engagement ring. Brightly polished platinum fashioned into stunning settings filled with natural Alexandrite and diamonds sets the stage for incredible glamour.

Rose Gold Alexandrite Diamond Engagement Rings

Rose gold is the perfect statement metal, rich in color and a bright shine. Choosing an alexandrite rose gold engagement ring with sparkling diamonds and natural Alexandrite makes you that much more captivating.

Halo Alexandrite Diamond Engagement Rings

Halo Alexandrite rings exude a vintage style, perfect for those who love the multi-stone look. An Alexandrite center stone surrounded by scintillating round brilliant cut diamonds in a dazzling frame on top of a slender band is an effortless choice for those who love the halo setting. Halo Alexandrite rings are available in yellow, rose, and white gold, and platinum.

Matching Alexandrite Engagement & Wedding Band Bridal Ring Set

Matching Alexandrite and wedding band 2-piece bridal ring sets lay together in unison, blending in harmony because they are specifically designed to fit each other. Selecting a wedding band for your Alexandrite engagement ring is effortless, with the option of choosing a customized 2-piece ring set.

The Alexandrite: Endless Customizable Alexandrite Engagement Ring 

The Alexandrite features one-of-a-kind alexandrite engagement rings that are hand-designed from start to finish. Each engagement ring in our collections is finely crafted with premium metals and high-quality stones with master craftsmanship and keen attention to detail. Every Alexandrite engagement ring has a different story to tell with a hand-picked alexandrite that is truly perfect for the design.

If you don't find the design you are looking for on our site, we can custom design it. We have state of the art custom design studio.

First, we will make a 3D computer model following your description of the ring. You can also send us a picture of the ring you want (you can select one from google images by typing in the exact channel ring you need).

Then we modify it according to your precise requirements. Only after that do we cast it in gold or platinum.

At this stage, we will send you a picture of the actual ring with Alexandrites and Diamonds for your final approval.

All the intricate details will be carved by hand with meticulous attention to detail. It will be a true masterpiece of craftsmanship worthy of becoming a family heirloom, unlike mass-produced jewelry you can see in the general jewelry store.


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