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June Birthstone! Rare! 1.98ctw Strong Color Change Natural Alexandrite Diamond 18k Gold Ring

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The unique feature of this alexandrite is a strong color change which is the main factor defining the value of this gemstone. The stone is easily changing color from dark green to gorgeous reddish purple, which makes it a rare collector's gem. The color change is so STRONG that it can be easily observed not only in a candle light, but any incandescent light like any yellow low watt electric lamp's light. The alexandrite has a few inclusions coming to surface. They certainly does not affect the durablility and overall beauty of the gemstone. Gemologists consider such mineral inclusions to be the proof of the natural origin of alexandrite.

Below are the quotes from GIA expert:
"Alexandrite is a Type II (GIA Clarity Grading System) stone and even the best natural alexandrite unlike lab grown alexandrite is expected to contain many inclusions."
"An alexandrite of good clarity may display a less prominent color change because the silky inclusions of rutile often enhance the change. Some people prefer a weaker color change in favor of better clarity, but the color change should be the most important factor in determining the value of the stone."

Metal - 18kt White Gold
Gemstone - Natural Alexandrite (native cut)
Gemstone Size - 8.2x6mm
Gemstone quantity - 1
Gemstone weight - 1.30ct
Accent stone - Natural Diamond
Accent stone quality - G-H, VS1
Accent stone total weight - 0.68ct
Gold weight - 6.4g
Ring Size - 8
Ring measurements - 20x17mm
Rise above the finger - 7mm