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Natural Alexandrite 18k White Gold Stud Earrings With Diamond Jackets

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These alluring brightly polished 18k white gold stud earrings feature a vintage-inspired elegance that is just right for all of your momentous occasions.

The unique design allows one pair of earrings to turn into two pairs. Jackets are easily separated and you can wear the studs with or without them. 

Each earring features an oval cut prong set natural alexandrite in the center displaying its impressive array of colors depending on the light source.

These alexandrites are complemented by a floating halo of sparkling round brilliant cut, adding fire and scintillation.  Post-backs secure the earrings when worn.


Shimmering alexandrites have an incredible, magnificent luster! They are brilliant, fiery, and full of life!

Alexandrite is a magical gemstone known for its naturally occurring color change, or the ability to change colors depending on the angle as it reflects the light.

These exquisite alexandrites exhibit striking luscious emerald green color to a plum purple shade with notes of gray and blue.

Alexandrite is the birthstone for June. Enjoy these glamorous alexandrite earrings alone or complete your matching alexandrite and diamond jewelry set with other designs within our online catalog.

The unique feature of these alexandrites is a strong color change which is the main factor defining the value of this gemstone. The stones are easily changing color from deep green to gorgeous reddish-purple, which makes them rare collector's gems.

The color change is so strong that it can be easily observed not only in candlelight but any incandescent light like any yellow low-watt electric lamp's light.

Metal - 18kt White Gold

Gemstone - Natural Alexandrite

Gemstones Size - 3.85 - 3.88 mm and 3.86 - 4.02 mm

Gemstone quantity - 2

Gemstones total weight - 0.61ct

Accent stone - Natural Diamond

Accent stone quality - G-H, VS1

Accent stone quantity - 38

Accent stone total weight - 0.18ct

Earrings weight - 2.25g

Earrings measurements - 20x10mm

Earrings type - studs





GIA (Gemological Institute of America) is the highest world authority in diamonds and gemstones. Unlike other sellers, we never certify our jewelry because it is not ethical. We do not offer phony certificates. GIA certificate contains security features such as a hologram, security screen and microprint lines that prevent them from being forged or duplicated.
GIA certificate includes the colored picture of the item and the number of the certificate which can be verified online on GIA site. It is like a passport for the stone and will make it easier to sell it in the future (although we would advise against it because high-end alexandrites are becoming scarce and increase in price every year) and it can be used for insurance purposes as well.