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June Birthstone! Natural Alexandrite Diamond 18k Gold Ring

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“Emerald by the day, Ruby by the night”, the journey of an Alexandrite gemstone takes millennia of natural deposits and the magical alchemy of nature’s minerals. Each stone presents the same startlingly vivid beauty that enticed royalty from Russian Tzars to European Kings.

From deep emerald green to rich ruby red, this mesmerizing gemstone changes its color when introduced to light—setting the perfect mood for different times of the day.

An extremely rare gem formed by the color-changing mineral chrysoberyl, this beautiful stone will enchant its owner and be a source of awe and aspirational envy to all her companions.

The unique feature of this alexandrite is a strong color change which is the main factor defining the value of this gemstone. The stone is easily changing color from light green to gorgeous purple, which makes it a rare collector's gem.

The color change is so STRONG that it can be easily observed not only in a candle light, but any incandescent light like any yellow low watt electric lamp's light.

 Metal - 18kt Solid White Gold
Gemstone - Natural Alexandrite
Gemstone Size - 6.x4.3mm
Gemstone weight - 0.68ct
Accent stone - Natural Diamond
Accent stone quality - G-H, VS1
Accent stone quantity - 18
Accent stone total weight - 0.18ct
Ring weight - 3.20g
Ring measurements - 10x7mm
Rise above the finger - 5mm
Ring size - 7