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Mesmerising Strong Color Change Natural Alexandrite Diamond 18K Gold Engagement Ring

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A bold and eye-catching ornament, this Alexandrite Birthstone ring is a delightful addition to all your evening gowns, dresses, and special occasion outfits.

Comfortable and ever-changing, the ring is a true sight to behold and a truly memorable gift to surprise a loved one on birthdays, intimate occasions, and even as an engagement ring.

So, invite the remarkable essence of Alexandrite into your life today with our handcrafted ring.

This shimmering alexandrite has an incredible, magnificent luster! It is brilliant, fiery and full of life!

The color change is so strong that it can be easily observed not only in a candle light, but any incandescent light like any yellow low watt electric lamp's light. The stone is easily changing color from green to gorgeous purple, which makes it a rare collector's gem.

Metal -18kt White Gold
Gemstone - Natural Alexandrite
Gemstone Size - 5.4x4mm(native cut)
Gemstone weight - 0.50ct
Accent stone - Natural Diamond
Accent stone quantity - 26
Accent stone total weight - 0.22ct
Ring weight - 2 g
Ring measurements - 11x6mm
Rise above the finger - 4mm
Ring size - 7